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Always & Forever Video    Always & Forever live in Miesau/Germany 1994

This was an open air concert that took place in late summer 1994. It was one of these September days when it is already cold at night. 1994 was also the year when we recorded the CD Seizure and we had just left the studio and finished the recordings, to enter the stage and play this gig. The CD was in the stores 3 months later. 

This concert was a festival with several bands playing. Dividing Horizons started to play rather late around 11.30 pm. The band that played before Dividing Horizons was Vanden Plas. At that time their first album Colour Temple had just been released. 


    Domination live in Miesau/Germany 1994

Another song from the same festival. It seems like the guy who filmed the concert fell asleep or went off to get a beer during this song. So there is not as much motion and no close-ups in this video. Still you may enjoy the sight of the stage from the distance and of course the music. 


Another Step Video    Another Step live in Kaiserslautern/Germany July 6, 1996

This is a song from the band's last concert in 1996. We knew that this was the last time that we were on stage together, so we played all songs that we had written. Another Step was the title track of Dividing Horizons' 1993 demo tape.  


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