Dividing Horizons

"The whole story" by Jörg Enke

The story is told by me, Jörg, the keyboarder in Dividing Horizons, so it begins at the time when I joined the band.

May 1993: I joined a band that we decided to name Dividing Horizons. The other members were Steffen Krüchten (guitar), Mike Fuentes (drums), Matthias Pfaff (vocals), Dietmar Kalmann (bass). They had known each other a longer time before, most of them went to school together. Before I joined the band, they had completed 4 songs that I immediately liked very much, when I first heard them. These songs only needed some keyboard tones, so adding these was the first thing I did in this band. Those songs were released on the demo "Another Step". The first song we did together was Always&Forever, in my opinion still the best song we did. This song and Pull Me Under (Dream Theater) were played live on our first concert on 2nd July in Kaiserslautern in Germany.
By the end of the year we had finished the songs Deep Within A Sigh, Second Sunrise, Alone. In the following year (1994) the songs Domination and Soul Trap were written.

From July to September 1994 the band has been in studio. Not a studio of the typical kind. A half torn down, dirty factory hall with two small side rooms converted to a modern 16 track digital recording studio. After 100 hours of recording and mixing in the hot summer of 1994 the CD was finished. There were some delays until the CD booklet was finished. Steffen and Matthias did an awesome job, in my opinion. We received some horrible misprints from the CD company with the comment "Hey, they do not look that bad." - But yes, it did!
The CD's sound was far better than what the studio looked like, but not perfect. We could not afford anything better and it was okay for a debut, we thought. We paid a very special good price for the studio because we were the first band to record there.

After the CD had been recorded, drummer Mike lost interest in our band. We wanted him to stay in our band, but after all he left the band and could not be convinced to stay. We were lucky to find a good substitute in March 1995: Henning. He had no problems playing the old songs and personally fitted in the band very well. But Dividing Horizons had to take more setbacks.

The reason for the slow process of song writing was that we had different ideas about Dividing Horizons' music style. I was very content with the music we had done so far. Most of the other band members however wanted to keep up with modern influences and make different music. They expected more extreme (Techno-like) sounds from the keyboard and that was not quite the music I liked. Until the end of 1995 Dividing Horizons kept on rehearsing, but our problems became more and more obvious. By this time we had only made 3 new songs since the release of the CD over a year ago, two of these songs were still without vocals. The songs were straighter and less progressive than earlier songs.
At the end of 1995 it was obvious that the band had no perspective in the current line-up, so I left the band. I offered to help the band out for live concerts until a new keyboarder would be found.

There were 7 more concerts with Dividing Horizons in 1996 that we played together. Then the other four band members decided not to go on with Dividing Horizons, but start a new band and make exactly the music they wanted to rather than the compromise we had tried to do before. So they founded the band System\\Eyes, combining styles like Metal, Techno, Hip-Hop and Wave.

After Dividing Horizons, I played in the band Sunblaze, playing an orchestral style of Progressive Metal.

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