Dividing Horizons

Band History


Before 1993 Mike Fuentes (drums), Dietmar Kalmann (bass), Steffen Krüchten (guitar) and Matthias Pfaff (vocals) started a band to play progressive metal
May 1993 Jörg Enke (keys) joined the band, now named Dividing Horizons. Four songs had been written by that time.
July 1993 First live concert in Kaiserslautern/Germany
August 1993 Four songs were released on demo tape Another Step.
July 1994 Seven new songs were finished to be recorded in a studio.
December 1994 CD "Seizure" was released.
March 1995 Drummer Mike left the band. He was replaced by Henning Knerr.
December 1995 Keyboarder Jörg left the band, but still played at live shows.
July 1996 Dividing Horizons split up to two bands: Sunblaze and System\\Eyes



Music: progressive metal in the Dividing Horizons vein, but more progressive, melodic and symphonic

Ex Dividing Horizons members: keyboarder Jörg Enke and singer Matthias Pfaff

The band has released one CD "Illuminating Heights" in an edition of 2000 pieces. Some rest stocks are still available on the band's website.



Music: a combination of metal, techno, wave, hip hop

Ex-D.H. members: basser Dietmar Kalmann, drummer Henning Knerr, guitarist Steffen Krüchten

The band has released one CD and a single. The band was on tour with Megaherz. Shortly after that the band split up.


The bands Sunblaze and System\\Eyes do not exist anymore.

Here is a little history of the band from the viewpoint of Jörg Enke, the keyboarder of Dividing Horizons.

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